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July 12, 2010

Serah and the Tank

by Mallard

A day late, but here is the bonus I promised!  As you may have suspected, the girl on the cover of Masque Ball is Serah Villifree, briefly seen in Those Who Lose Their Ways.  The ball is a somewhat unnatural scene for Serah, so here’s a look at her in her natural habitat (click on the image for a full-size version).

Background: A few days ago, I was looking for some old drawings from back when I was thinking of doing VCH as a webcomic, and I came across the one below.  It was a pencil sketch, so I scanned it in, inked over it in GIMP, and added shading.  I experimented a little with it, limiting myself to line art and grayscale shading.  Both because I wanted to see how it’d turn out, and because drawing in color takes much more time.

Overall, I like how Serah and the steam came out, but I think the tank could use some more detail.

Serah and the Tank

Also, I’ve started an artwork page as a quick link to any pictures used for The Illusions of Victor C. Haas.  To get there, click on the “Gallery” tab above.  This includes covers and little bonuses like this.  Also, I would be quite thrilled to receive any art from my readers!  If you draw something VCH-themed, send it my way and I’ll post it in the Gallery with your name attached.

Also also: as I’ve said before, I originally wanted to do this as a comic.  I went with a serial format instead, but I still think it’d be fun if it was illustrated a little bit.  I don’t have time to do this, so here’s the deal: you pick a scene from any chapter and draw it, either as a single-panel image like the covers, or as a multi-panel comic.  Send it to me, and I’ll insert it into the appropriate chapter and give you credit.  The only thing I ask is that you stay true to the descriptions and images I put forth.

Unnecessary reminder: Masque Ball begins next Monday, July 19th!

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July 11, 2010

Illusion 2 (cover)

by Mallard

Click on this cover to jump straight to chapter I

Masque Ball (cover)

Here is the cover for the second illusion of Victor C. Haas: Masque Ball.  Actual story starts next Monday, July 19th!

Last time, I promised I would post a little bonus along with the cover.  Unfortunately, time was not on my side and I didn’t get this done.  But I will do my best to have it up by the middle of the week.

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