About the Story

The Illusions of Victor C. Haas is an ongoing story that centers around the illusionist Victor Haas and his adventures in and beyond the port city of Kestral.  His post-war clean-up and reconciliation missions with the Peace Workers often leads him into new, strange, and dangerous situations…

You can think of this as a serialized anthology, a sort of webcomic without pictures. The story is broken into individual story arcs, each of which should stand fairly well on its own, though I recommend they be read in order.

A Note on Updates

When it first began, Illusions updated with a new chapter every Monday.  With a full-time job, and given the average length of my chapters, this proved unsustainable, and the story went on a two-year hiatus. In order to fit Illusions into my schedule and avoid another unseemly break, each update from now on will consist of approximately 2100 words, or about seven book pages.

Updates will occur weekly on Mondays (they will actually go up on Sunday, but times will vary). In between story arcs, there will be some sort of interlude, either a drawing or a shorter side story. And at the beginning of each story arc, I’ll post a new cover image on the main page.

About the Author

I’ve been writing stories since I could first get a fumbling grip on a pencil, and it’s remained my strongest and most lasting passion.  I’ve written numerous short stories and novellas, and have participated in and successfully completed NaNoWriMo 8 times.  I’ve not yet published anything, but it’s one of my major goals.

Outside of writing, I also read voraciously.  First books, and when I discovered them, webcomics.  I’ve always wanted to do a webcomic, but my talents (and my free time) lend themselves more to writing than drawing.  So I decided to try out a weekly serialized story, focusing on a character whom I’ve been holding onto for several years.  Please see my Links page for a list of some of the webcomics I most enjoy.

So that’s me in a (very small) nutshell.  I hope you enjoy The Illusions of Victor C. Haas!

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